Our first trip to Tanzania

Our first trip to Tanzania was unforgettable. An old dream came true.


Most of the time we stayed in Bagamoyo where our good friend is working at an orphanage. Moyo Mmoja is more than an normal orphanage. The children are living in family-houses where they have a tanzanian mother and father. We admire and follow this project with great interest. Please visit tano.no or moyommoja.se for more information.


We stayed in Tanzania for three months and enjoyed every minute. Our children, 1, 7 and 8 years old, got homeschooling and

we worked with our ideas for our next exhibition.


Tanzania is one of the most beautiful countries that we ever visited.

It was hard to leave this place where people are open and inclusive, where the sounds of the drums is everywhere,  where wildlife still exist and where the nature is overwhelming.


The photos are taken with a Canon 400D