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Ingrid Forfang and Orion Righard, from Norway and Sweden, met at the Art Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp, Belgium, in 1992. Ever since they have dedicated their lives to the art in their own ways. Recently they moved to Spain, their fifth home country, into brand new studios in Torrevieja and Orihuela Costa.
You are most welcome to discover their art here at askart.se.


The bad news:
We are sorry to inform you that we need to close the studio the next Thursdays because of the corona virus.

The exhibitions in Norway for both Forfang and Righard are closed down earlier as well because of the same virus.

The good news: You can discover Forfangs and Righards art here at askart.se! Our art shop is always open and ready to ship worldwide. We got two brand new lithographs that might interest you in our webshop:

"Next level", Ingrid Forfang
"The kiss", Orion Righard


Thursday 19/3- we are closed.

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This painting is 1mx1m and got the title “I am Norwegian”. After 28 years abroad I still define myself as Norwegian. Why? #identity #ingridforfang #oilpainting #art #norwegian #worldcitizen