About us

We met at the Art Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp, Belgium, in 1992. Ever since we have dedicated our lives to the art in our own ways. In 2017 we moved to Spain, our fifth home country, into brand new studios in Torrevieja and Orihuela Costa. We are exhibiting in several countries, separately or together, in different art spaces like art galleries and exhibition halls.

Orion Righard
Orion Righard

Orion Righard, born 1969, is an artist from Sweden with studies in art academies of Belgium, Sweden and Netherlands.
His works often describes our lives in a humorous and sensitive way.
He is most recognized for his combinations of subtile, philosophical text-phrases with the black drawings of the fragile King and his child to describe important issues in our lives.

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Ingrid Forfang was born in Oslo, Norway 1971. She followed her dream to become an artist and has worked professionally with art since she graduated at the academy in Antwerp 1996. Her dream of a life in the sun brought her to Spain in 2017  where she lives and has her art studio. 

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