Next open studio is 2/7-2022 

We are so sorry to announce that Calo Carratalá is ill and will not come on Saturday as planned.

We hope to postpone this event.

We will be in the studio on Satuday anyway, so you are welcome to visit us anyway.

Welcome to open studio in

Pedro Lorca 130 in Torrevieja every first Saturday a month!

Next opening: 2/7-2022 at 16-19.00!

We present the work of the month by

Orion Righard and Ingrid Forfang.

A special guest artist is invited to present themselves.

Next time you will meet the great Spanish artist :


We are so proud and happy that Calo Carratalá agreed to be a guest artist in July ! It's going to be amazing !!  We are big admirers of his fantastic art! Rejoice!

Read more and see more picture on the blog:

 and visit his official website:

Our goal is to meet other art lovers and have a fun and inspiring time together!
If you want to visit our studio in Torrevieja at other times, you can call us +34 621327145 (ingrid) or +34621327167 (Orion) or write an e-mail to to make an appointment.

Warm welcome!

Memories from Arte. AskArt studio


She makes NFT and told us a lot about it! So interesting and powerful!

Discover her work on Instagram :

Thank you Aerovi Aerovi!

7/5-2022 The show must go on

The guest artist couldn´t come, but the doors to the studio were open anyway and there were some very pleasant hours with new acquaintances and conversations about everything possible in five different languages!

Photograph: Nina Dreyer Henjum
Photograph: Nina Dreyer Henjum

2/4-2022 Marleen Van Ende

Her presentation;

I live in Spain for almost 13 years. I enjoy the weather, the sea, the campo, the clean air etc. But what always bothered me is the huge amount of trash everywhere. I just could not accept the sight of it. Instead of complaining about it I started to pick up waste, straws, bottles, all sorts of wrappings, cigarette butts, plastic bags etc... In the beginning I did it occasionally but for the last 6 years I have been going almost every day.I collect about 6 or 7 bags and take it to the appropriate bins, But every now and then I find funny things, colorful things or interesting things that I take home. I use those objects to make collages. I take pictures of it. Edit them on the computer, not the colors but the shape. I usually make a mirror image of it.The images are printed on aluminum via sublimation. I also have material printed on tiles. I edited these images as a fractal or kaleidoscope.

/Marleen Van Ende

5/3-2022 Eva Waitzfelder

Learn more about Eva Waitzfelder and her beautiful jewelry on her website:

Photos from the art studio in Arte. Pedro Lorca 130. Torrevieja. Spain.