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We are in a special situation at the moment and will therefor put our open studio days on hold. A big thank you to all the artists who have contacted us in order to exhibit!  We will take contact with you if we start these events again. A big thank you to our audience as well! We hope to see you again if/when we arrange open studio again,. 

 We will use our art space in Torrevieja to continue to produce our own art. You are welcome to visit us if you are nearby. Give us a call to 0034 621327167 and we open the door if we are there! 

3/12-2022  16-19.00

Calo Carratalá

We are so proud to announce that the great Valencian artist Calo Carratalá will present his work at our next Open Studio in Torrevieja. 

Almost every first Saturday in the month we invite a guest artist to present their art works in our studio, It is away for us to connect to artists that make us curious in one way or another, and to meet art lovers around us. We show our own work in process or finished works together with the invited artist of the month.

Calo was one of the artists who made the strongest impression on Orion among all the hundreds of artists that exhibited at the art fairs in Madrid this spring. Not only the technique and expression, but also the themes felt strongly connected to us as he in different series of work has used his impressions from places that are important in our lives, like Norwegian mountains and the beaches in Bagamoyo, Tanzania.
We love the way that he approaches these themes and his expressive and emotional expression and we look forward to see how our works connect.

You are very welcome to meet us all three at the studio for a chat and a glass of wine, or just have a look at the art. Orion Righard and Ingrid Forfang Calle Pedro Lorca 130, Torrevieja, Spain

Saturday  3 december 2022, 16:00 - 19:00

Free entrance. Open for everyone 

Link to the website of Calo Carratalá:

1/10-2022  Magne Vagnsnes

We are very much looking forward to presenting Magne Vangsnes in the gallery section of our studio!
Vangsnes is a fantastic esthetician. He has worked in the field of graphics for over 45 years and works, among other things, with what he calls sculptural graphics, which we find very exciting.
Orion became acquainted with Vangsnes when they printed graphics at the same lithography workshop in Barcelona. We fell head over heels for his art and it is therefore an honor to show it!

Link to the book: Without title by Magne Vangsens :

Link to the Curriculum Vitae of  Magne Vangsnes

Welcome to open studio in

Pedro Lorca 130 in Torrevieja every first Saturday a month!

Next opening: 1/10- 2022 16.00-19.00

Our goal is to meet other art lovers and have a fun and inspiring time together! If you want to visit our studio in Torrevieja at other times, you can call us +34621327167 or write an e-mail to to make an appointment.

Feel welcome!


Many thanks to Nina Dreyer Henjum for a great exhibition full of powerful paintings!

About Nina:

Nina Dreyer Henjum is born in Norway, 1972. She is resident in Spain since 2021, near Alicante, where she has her own artstudio. Her first public decoration was at the age of 16, when she won an open art project competition in painting and textiles. Her first art exhibition came two years later. When moving to Paris for a three year art education at Les Beaux Arts, she fully focused on her art career. Her majors where in the fields of painting, art history and sculpture. In Norway she has studied under the artists Morten Paulsen, famous for his watercolor techniques, as well as the Swedish watercolor master-Arne Isacsson. She then was thought by Knut Tiberg in the arts of printing techniques refining her skills to perfection. Nina has consequently been represented in several private art collections around the world. She has attended symposiums and projects for Peace, exhibited in art galleries and museums in Paris, Firenze, Spain, New York, London, Norway, Finland, Palestine , Egypt and South Korea to mention a few. Under her career she has been consentrating at expressionist paintings, lithographs and sculpture forming an exploration of the human being in relation to different cultures, religions and the inner self. She often use several different medias in one painting by connecting the old techniques with the modern ones, thus creating a prolongment and symbolique of uniting cultures, religions, the old and the modern, the past and the future.


We proudly presented our monthly guest. This time we invited the singer and songwriter


  to introduce us to her own music in an acoustic performance. It was magic!

2/7-2022 Calo Carratalá

Even if we missed our guest artist Calo Carratalá, we had a fantastic open studio day thanks to the resturant La Mesa de Juan who came with canapes and drinks and to the audience who came anyway. Thank you!!

Here are some fotos from the event:


She makes NFT and told us a lot about it! So interesting and powerful!

Discover her work on Instagram :

Thank you Aerovi Aerovi!

7/5-2022 The show must go on

The guest artist couldn´t come, but the doors to the studio were open anyway and there were some very pleasant hours with new acquaintances and conversations about everything possible in five different languages!

Photograph: Nina Dreyer Henjum
Photograph: Nina Dreyer Henjum

2/4-2022 Marleen Van Ende

Her presentation;

I live in Spain for almost 13 years. I enjoy the weather, the sea, the campo, the clean air etc. But what always bothered me is the huge amount of trash everywhere. I just could not accept the sight of it. Instead of complaining about it I started to pick up waste, straws, bottles, all sorts of wrappings, cigarette butts, plastic bags etc... In the beginning I did it occasionally but for the last 6 years I have been going almost every day.I collect about 6 or 7 bags and take it to the appropriate bins, But every now and then I find funny things, colorful things or interesting things that I take home. I use those objects to make collages. I take pictures of it. Edit them on the computer, not the colors but the shape. I usually make a mirror image of it.The images are printed on aluminum via sublimation. I also have material printed on tiles. I edited these images as a fractal or kaleidoscope.

/Marleen Van Ende

5/3-2022 Eva Waitzfelder

Learn more about Eva Waitzfelder and her beautiful jewelry on her website:

Photos from the art studio in Arte. Pedro Lorca 130. Torrevieja. Spain. 

The road to the studio.
OBS: not Thursdays, but every first Saturday each month 16-19.00. Welcome!