The female body


It was great to be in Norway again! So many feelings when I visited my old home country!. When landing at the ariport I was afraid to freeze when I saw the snow. Everything was grey, black and white. No colours.  But luckely I had a warm jacked and everything went unexpectly smooth. Orion was going to exhibit in Norway in the same period  so we could join the same flight together. Such a luxure! I went  by train to Kristiansand. Sitting next to a very big man who needed half of my seat. I couldn´t sleep.  At 19.00, after travellings since 03.00 in the night,  I arrived Kristiansand where Merete Lundertræ, the curator of the exhibition, picked me up. She is such a powerful and nice person. Mother of four kids, still young and full of guts, ideas and wise words. It was a pleasure to stay at their home with all the kids, cats and love.  Her husband is a fantastic person too who helped us a lot during the days of building up the exhibition "Female Body" with opening 8th of March, the international woman day. Thank you two <3

Merete Lundetræ applied for money to make this exhibition come true. Unfortunately without sucess. She did a great job and I am dissapointed over the result. No money. But all of the 13 women artists involved decided to make this exhibition come true anyway. We all felt it was needed and important.  I am so glad we did because the result was a strong and powerful exhitbion that showed the female body from different views and aspects.

So thank you so much, my wonderful collegues who made this possible! And thank you Merete Lundetræ for all the work you did in order to make this happen. And thank you Naysa at Arteriet who opened this great art space for us.  Next year I hope the ones with culture money understand how important exhibitions like this is! And I hope that the culture journalist will find their way too! So sorry you didn´t show up to cover this important art event.

My contribution was the painting "Power of beauty" and an installation called "Power- only for women".  I made this installation first time in 2003 at galleri Sult in Stavanger.  At that time the journalists still worked to cover the art scene. It was in the television, at the radio and in the newspapers. People got provocated and men was angry because they couldn´t enter the room. This time nobody got angry. They seemed to understand and even like that the women got their own space. It was interesting to see this reaction. What does it mean? Did the men change or did we just not reach the angry trolls in their apartments when the newspapers failed to write about it? Are we further in the process of equality or are we still at the same point as in 2003 world wide?  One thing I finally understood is that we always need to fight for our equal rights.

If you define yourself as women you can see photos and even a video from the installation here.  You need to become a member and I need to accept you before you can enter.

The exhibition shut down after just a few days because of the Corona virus. We, I and Orion, were lucky to fly home before ariports were affected by this. We came home safe and are now in quarantine together with the whole Spanish nation.

Take care of each other out there!

Love from Ingrid