First I was a member of LNM, the national association for Norwegian painters and NBK, Norwegian visual artists. Then I became a member of KRO, Konstnärarnas riksorganisation in Sweden and now in AVVAC, Artistes Visuales de Valencia in Spain. All organizations are members of the IAA, International Association of Art (IAA) Europe. To be completely honest, I have gotten very little out of being a member of these organizations, but one thing is good, and that is that we get free admission to most art museums, which I really appreciate. AVVAC's membership card is a real plastic card and looks 10 times better than both NBK's and KROs with passport photos and all. But since the mail here in Spain is deplorable and almost never arrives, it took several months before we finally got them. But now they are safely placed in the wallet and we can once again go to wonderful museums such as the Museo del Prado in Madrid and Louisiana in Denmark. Studying the art of others is one of the most important things we can do to develop our own art. Most museums know this and they know that it is an important legacy for contemporary artists to develop the art. That the Munch Museum chooses not to follow this practice is very sad and completely incomprehensible. I hope they make sense and change this as soon as possible.
This weekend we take the trip to Madrid in order to arrange a passport. Hopefully we will get to some museums and get to use our brand new cards then!