Marleen Van Ende in the studio


Today, the Belgian artist Marleen Van Ende has been here and installed her fantastically exciting art. Can't wait for Saturday when we will show them!  I get happier and happier for our possibility to  collaborate with other creative souls like Marleen. For us it is very inspiring! 

I give you some goodies from Marleen's works that are in the studio right now:

Marleens art works reminds me of my own period when I used  dolls as material to create new works. I had to stop it when we decided to move to Spain because I didn´t have the space to store 600 dolls here so  I gave away them away with a heavy heart. But some of the results from that time we brought to Spain and right now I got the idea of showin the "Love, Care & Prepare" on Saturday! It fits perfectly with Marleen's playful theme. I actually had a completely different exhibition idea, but it will have to wait.  I can't wait to install it!

Hope to see you on Saturday because we are thinking of having a fun party then, child-free as we are! (yes, there will be some cava as long as the stock lasts ...)

/ Ingrid