My life in the heat


The next open studio is on 6 / 8-2022. There will be no guest artists this time because we didnt find time to search one in this heat. We will show new and old works from our own production. Orion is working good with absolutely outstanding works that I look forward to hanging up. One of them was sold before it had been exhibited, so I will show it here:

Where have you been in my entire life? In my life
Where have you been in my entire life? In my life

Isn't that great ?! I just love it! It is both humorous and serious at the same time and the lines go as usual straight into the heart! I must say that I think the buyer is lucky and has a good taste! I hope Orion makes a variation on this as graphics too ... I think it's on it's way :)

I myself have had a little holiday and been less productive than usual, but something new will probably come from me during the month as well.

Anyway I hope to see you between 16-19.00 on 6/8. Feel welcome!

/ Ingrid