no-The red Velvets is coming! Enjoying life, but running company in Spain is not always easy.

The red velvets
The red velvets

I am sitting outside enjoying the sun and the view of the Mediterranean. Our orange tree is full of oranges, almost ready to eat. It is the end of November. I used to hate November when I lived in Norway and Sweden. The darkness made me depressed. So everyday with light here is like a gift to me. I still just keep pinching myself in the mornings to understand that we really live here, that we don't have to leave, that this is our new home. Everyday we learn more Spanish, everyday we learn more about our new country. Of course not everything is smooth here either, but it is easier to handle problems under the sun than in the rain. To start company in Spain is really not easy. It is far more complicated than in Sweden. So much paper work, so many stupid rules.To have an employee is almost a work in it self because there are too many rules to follow. One example is the fact that we need to have a certificate of all chemicals in the studio! Even a declaration for the soap in the toilet. It is reticules and useless, just waste of our time. You can' imagine how much paper work it is to run a company and now we have three! One for me (autonomo), one for Orion (autonomo) and one for us together (S.L) We were cheated by a Swedish company called Svensk bokföringsservice. They promised us to guide us with everything needed in due to make everything right from the beginning in a new country. We never received any help and they left us with a mess and a debt of 800 Euro that we probably never will see again. We thought it would feel safer to get help from somebody who speaks our language, but now we learned our lesson.
Never trust somebody just because you are from the same country and speak the same language.
I am really glad we are learning Spanish. It opens up a whole new world of possibilities.

On Thursday the 5th we open up the studio in Torrevieja! So excited. We have hired a really cool band: The red Velvets. I am so curious about it!
I hope to see you there if you are nearby! Welcome!

Have a wonderful weekend!