On step back to get forward


To move to Spain is one of the best decisions I ever made. I love this country where the sun and the people are shining so bright. I have tried out things that I never was able to try out before. Like working in a so called «normal job» for a while. I got the chance to work part time as a receptionist in a company. It was a great experience and I loved to work with other people. The only problem was my identity. I have been working full time as an artist the last 20 years, and suddenly my outfit told people that I was not me anymore, but the face of an other company. When I met people on street they recognised me as the one in the reception and I felt sort of false. I started to get nightmares and lost my sleep. And I made priority on my work there instead of my work in my studio. I felt divided and my heart started to scream louder : Follow your dreams as always. It will lead you were you need to be. So now I am back in my studio full time and I just love it. Sometimes one need to take a step back to get forward.

Have a beautiful day all of you.