Cleaning at the Roskilde festival


Cleaning at the Roskilde festival

The time just fly so fast! I can't believe that it is already 13 days since I wrote here last time!

In these 13 days I have experienced a lot of new things that I never experienced in my life before: I have been to the Roskilde festival for the first time in my life as a volunteer together with Akustik, a Swedish cultural organisation I used to be a part of when I lived in Sweden. Our job was to clean in front of the orange stage, the biggest stage on the festival. To clean while Bob Dylan was performing was just an excellent experience! To clean together with one of my best friends was fun. We were sleeping in our tent, a Tentipi where I always feel at home. It was ice-cold, raining, and windy, but still it was great to see how this organisation works. Roskilde is one of the biggest festivals in Europe and probably one of the cleanest one after our fantastic work!

As always I use my camera (this time on my phone) to catch up things that I want to use in my paintings. On a festival there is so many impressions, so much to see and it gave me a lot of inspiration to paint. So I am planning to paint the night-cleaner, the moment when the festival still is a sleep, except the volunteers. This is the magic moment when the hungry birds take over the arena and the early morning light is lightening up all the garbage so that the hard working volunteers can start the cleaning job at 04.00 in the morning.


Back in Spain I started to work at the ScandClinic. I love to work there thanks to competent and great colleges who teach me everything I need to know to be able to do a good job. I hope and think that the combination of the work in my studio and the work there will become a perfect match.

A few years ago I wanted to embellishing a hospital in Sweden and came up with an idea with the title "Protection".

It could be exiting to work on that project again, because I still love the idea. This is not paintings, but a serial photos on canvas combined with acrylic glas. It gives a three dimensional effect.

The idea came when a good friend of mine, working as a nurse, told me how different people react to her when she wears her uniform.

The idea was to make the portraits of all the nurses and hang them in the waiting room of the hospital.

I would love to install this in a hospital or in another building where people with uniform meet people without.