So fun to have Aerovi Aerovi here in an open studio!


Finally it was off! But it was a bit stressful. We had agreed that she would come and install her art at 11.00, but just before she was told that she had won an online competition with her NFT art and had to join the opening virtually at 12.00 from Murcia. At 14.00 she came in and I was a little stressed because we open the doors at 16.00. There was no need to worry. Aerovi Aerovi knew exactly how she wanted it and hung the exhibit in 30 minutes.
Here is a small film from the studio with Aerovi Aerovi from the opening on 4 / 6-2022:

We are really looking forward to the next time! Then comes a very exciting Spanish artist who has been inspired by Norway, among others. Rejoice! I will write a blog post about this very soon!