Calo Carratalá to open studio


Orion discovered Carratalá's art at Art Madrid 22 and was lyrical. He sent me some photos of the works and I liked what I saw right away. His strong, simple lines and sensitive compositions touch something inside me, something recognizable. As I read more about Calo, I better understand the relationship both Orion and I feel to his art. It turns out that we have common sources of inspiration in both Norway and Tanzania. Neither Orion nor I use the landscape as a motif, but we love it and often we get our ideas in the middle of the forest, by the sea or on a plain in the middle of Africa. Travel is a source of inspiration that give individual expressions of the same impression, which can sometimes give certain commonalities. It is these commonalities that I see. They touch me deeply and the more I see, the more inspired I become.

Art is one of my biggest sources of inspiration, so now I'm really looking forward to experiencing these paintings and graphics live the 3th of December in our studio! And I also look forward to meet Calo Carratalá and hopefully having a chat about magical places that we both have visited, such as Bagamoyo, Zanzibar and the mountains in Norway.

Below are pictures of the art that he will show. They are for sale. Rejoice!

We hope you have the chance to come and be part of this event the 3th of December! 


If you would like to read more about Calo Carratalá, you can visit his official website by following the link below. There you can find the catalog from his exhibition at the contemporary museum in Oslo and lots of other exciting things:

Barcos (boats) oil on canvas. 36 x 59 cm

Baobab N1, N2 og N3. Graphic on paper with frame  65 x 46 cm

Ngalawa N1. N2 oil on panel 22cm x35 cm

Fishermen i Bagamoyo (Pescadores de Bagamoyo) N1 og N2 oil on panel 40 cm x 70 cm

Beaches Zanzibar (Playas Zanzibar) N1. N2 oil on panel 22cm x35 cm

Ngorogoro crater 36 x 59 cm oil on panel

Norway N1 , N2 N, oil on panel46 x 74 cm

This text was actually written in June, but we had to cancel the event then because of Covid.

Today Orion and Calo will meet you in the studio. I am in Sweden unfortunately so I only participate from distance.

Have a wonderful day!