New visit card, impossible waves and art hunger


Yeah! Friday/blog day again!

What have I done this week!? I ATE too much! And drank too much too.! And I didn't do my beloved yoga! Why!? I don't know. Hormones? Or maybe just a small devil inside that tries to destroy my focus? The result of it was far from satisfying. It made me feel too tired to do anything.

With this mood I tried to paint the sea behind my lovely model from last week. To paint waves without focusing is just fucking ridiculous! I still don't see any waves on my canvas, only black and white paint without language.

But I never give up! At least I will continue next week and hopefully I can show waves on my next blog next Friday! Because next week I will focus again with yoga, healthy food and great concentration!

When I loose inspiration I seek art. My art eyes are always hungry! There is not so much art around here in Orihuela Costa/Torrevieja unfortunately. At least I didn't discover it yet. Internet is great for art seekers, but not enough when you need an art feeling. I really miss the feeling of standing in front of something that touch my heart or gives my brain some new point of views. This experience is only possible to achieve in an art gallery or an art museum. Perhaps I am extraordinary art hungry this week because my dear husband Orion and our sons are in New York to explore the fantastic art over there! I wish I was there too...

That was all for this week! Looking forward to the next one!

Take care and have a great weekend!


Ps. Got new visit card this week.